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The last day of the festival

  • Erbil, ‘The Patience Stone’, directed by Mahde Hassan
  • Price ceremony in the evening

Last day, last walk in the Sami Abdul Rahman Park which used to be a huge military complex with a detention center under the regime of Saddam Hussein. Nowadays it is Erbil’s biggest green area with lakes, gardens and alleys of trees; but very empty in the day time, I didn’t see any families picnicking, nor joggers or walkers. Maybe it’s different in the evenings.

,The Patience Stone’, the last play of the festival (though not in the contest) was an adaption of Atiq Rahimi’s bestselling novel of the same title. A woman talks to her husband who is in coma because of a bullet in his neck, she tells him about her life, her sufferings, her dreams more openly than she could ever have done before.

The finishing ceremony took place in Ankawa and the price decisions caused some confusion. It was obviously not very clear until last minute that the Kurdish/ Iranian play was not part of the contest. I’ll put a link in here to a text from Christoff Bleidt which explains a bit.

And here is the list of the prize winners:

Best production
“More Than Rain” (Belarus)

Best dance production
“Ballet Bar” (France)

Best director
Hafez Khalifa, “Relay”, (Tunesien)

Best scenography
Karokh Ibrahim “One Day in Ten Nights” (Kurdistan/ Iraq)

Best male actors/ performers
Robert Kijogwa, (Uganda)
Bahman Haji (Kurdistan/ Iraq)

Best female actors/ performers
Carmen Romero (Germany)
Gelaz Nasr (Kurdistan/ Iraq)

Jury prizes
Sami Abdulhameed (Baghdad/ Iraq)
Trifa Karimiyan (Kurdistan/ Iran)

Finally I want to thank Margherita for organising such a lot under fully new circumstances and for driving through the night many times, picking people up from or bringing them to the airport.
Thanks to Halo and Ari and all the others who didn’t get a lot of sleep in the festival week…
I’ll miss Hawler!

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